Our story

ValutaPartners is your partner for currency exchange and lightning-fast international payments. We utilize the power of digital technology to connect you directly to the foreign exchange market. Our modern technology and efficient operations lead to low overhead costs. In other words, no outdated systems or expensive buildings. We pass on these cost savings to our customers. 

Specialists in international payments

Our mission is to make it easy and affordable for our customers to do business worldwide. In 2016, the founders of ValutaPartners found the solution in the Currencycloud platform. This platform offers modern technology, a transparent approach, and low overhead. What is unnecessarily complicated is made simple and accessible for everyone. What is unnecessarily expensive is made affordable. We believe that every business and individual deserves the same high-quality service as large multinational corporations. The Currencycloud platform offers solutions based on advanced technology that enables you to take control of currency transactions and foreign currency payments.

Michiel Souren

Co-founder & Managing Director

Michiel is co-founder and has led the growth of ValutaPartners. His experience on both the banking and client side in the City of London has provided a wealth of knowledge and expertise. He gained insights into how banks earn from their clients and how to prevent this. He wants to share this experience with the Dutch business community.