Why ValutaPartners?

Cheap & Transparent

Save an average of 90% on your banking costs

You always receive the interbank rate plus a fixed
low margin. This way, you can save thousands of euros.
Free international money transfers
We charge € 0 transaction fees for international
money transfers and no fixed fees for the use of the platform.

No hidden fees

In addition to your own rate, we always show the interbank
mid-rate. This way, we are transparent about our earnings.

Trusted & Safe

Currencycloud is authorised by the Financial Conduct
Authority (FCA) and De Nederlandsche Bank NV.

Segregated account Barclays Bank

The transactions are processed via safeguarding accounts held with
Barclays Bank PLC. Barclays Bank PLC does not monitor the funds
that are placed on the safeguarding account or how these accounts
are operated. Barclays Bank PLC is among the largest banks of Europe
and is active worldwide.

Proven platform

Your payment provider, Currencycloud, processes 50,000 payments per day
with an annual value of EUR 50 billion. In July 2021 Visa acquired Currencycloud
in a deal valued at USD 963 million.

Simple & Fast

Account application within 10 minutes
Apply online within 10 minutes. 
And receive an activation e-mail within 24 hours.
Transaction within 2 minutes
Log in, lock the exchange rate, and select a beneficiary.
A transaction does not need to take longer than 2 minutes.

Fast payments

After receiving the sold currency, a blazing
fast payment of the purchased currency
follows via the international SWIFT network.

Apply within ten minutes. We will assess your application within 24 hours.

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