Pay globally in local currency

Competitive bank-beating exchange rates and lightning-fast payments to your overseas suppliers. All your transactions in one platform with real-time access to the forex market.

Efficiently manage all your international payments online, quickly and with clarity.

Through our online platform, you can convert foreign currencies, pay suppliers, and receive money from anywhere in the world into your multi-currency account.


Rely on timely payments

ValutaPartners offers fast and reliable payments to 180 countries in 27 currencies. You have full control over when the payment is sent and the speed of delivery. 


All your payments and FX are managed from the same modern and efficient online platform, so you never miss a transaction. With ValutaPartners, you can send payments timely and quickly all over the world, leading to better relationships with suppliers, partners, or local employees.

Receive global payments with one multi-currency account
and local accounts

Vergeet het gehannes met aparte dure valutarekeningen voor elke valuta bij uw bank. ValutaPartners biedt één multi-valutarekening voor 27 verschillende valuta’s en ook lokale betaaloplossingen voor euro, Britse pond, US dollar en Canadese dollar.


Receiving international payments has never been so easy

All our clients receive a multi-currency account with a unique IBAN. This virtual account is registered under your company's name, so you don't need to have an address abroad. All transfers are made through SWIFT, ensuring quick and traceable payments. Additionally, we offer you local payment options. You can pay via SEPA in the EU, Faster Payments in the UK, and Fedwire or ACH in the US. This way, you can always make payments quickly and easily.


Competitive and transparent exchange rates

Met ValutaPartners heeft u de controle over al uw internationale betalingen. Door direct toegang te krijgen op de valutamarkt kunt u transacties uitvoeren zonder onverwachte kosten of transactiekosten. 

You can fix the exchange rate with just one click. Additionally, we also show you the Wholesale rate, which is the rate we get on the currency market. We cover all costs from the difference between these two rates. You always know where you stand. 

The exchange rate margin is discussed with you in advance and is based on the number of transactions you expect to make on the platform.

Protect your profit margin against fluctuations in the currency market

With currency forward contracts, you can protect your profit margins against unexpected fluctuations in the currency market. ValutaPartners helps you control the risks by developing a suitable currency strategy. Additionally, we provide regular updates on the currency market with analyst expectations. This way, we can offer you the best solution to achieve your financial goals.

Forwards with a fixed date

If you know exactly when you need to pay or receive foreign currency in the future, you can fix the exchange rate for that transaction in advance. This is useful for one-off transactions with a fixed term. This way, you are assured of a predictable financial settlement without surprises. 

Flexible forwards

Opt for a flexible forward and enjoy full payment flexibility. With a flexible forward transaction, you can fix the exchange rate for a certain period. You can then exchange foreign currency at the fixed exchange rate and transfer it at the time of your choice. This is ideal if your purchase price and selling price are fixed in different currencies for a certain period. This way, you are protected against fluctuations in the currency market and can safeguard your profit margin.