Bank beating exchange rates en swift international transfers

Bank beating foreign exchange rate

You will receive a competitive exchange rate from us with a fixed margin. The margin is always visible in real-time as soon as you want to buy or sell foreign currency.

Multi-currency account

With your multi-currency account, you can send and receive payments all over the world. Easily reduce your transaction costs and increase convenience.

Hedging currency risk

Our experts will assist you in hedging your currency risk. Protect your profit margins from currency fluctuations and improve your budget forecasts.

For companies

Lightning-fast global payments

Pay your international suppliers, logistics companies, personnel, and other partners at lightning speed in 27 currencies worldwide. We are part of the SWIFT network, which makes our service incredibly fast.

Hedging currency risk

Don't let your profit margin be dependent on fluctuations in the currency market. We are happy to work with you to develop a policy for currency management.

Receive global payments

With your multi-currency account, you can not only make payments but also receive 22 different foreign currencies. Convert received currencies to euros or other currencies at a competitive exchange rate.

No transaction fees

We do not charge transaction fees. All costs are covered by the rate margin on the exchange rate. This is transparent and clearly visible with every transaction.

For Individuals

International payments for individuals

When purchasing real estate, art, or investments abroad, you will always receive a competitive real-time exchange rate from us. We ensure that your money arrives on time, all without the complexity of dealing with your own bank.

Your own multi-currency account

Are you selling real estate, a rare car, or art and do you want to receive foreign currency from abroad? All customers of ValutaPartners automatically receive a multi-currency account. You can then easily receive 22 different currencies from around the world.

Opening an account is free and without obligation.

You will receive a fixed margin on the wholesale exchange rate and you will not pay any transaction fees.

Safe and reliable

Currencycloud, our payment provider, has processed more than USD 253 billion in transactions and made payments to over 180 countries since 2012.
Currencycloud has 600 employees and is headquartered in London with offices in New York, Amsterdam, Cardiff en Singapore.​
In December 2021, Currencycloud was acquired by Visa.
Currencycloud is regulated in the UK, Canada, the US, and the EU.

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Dilemma centrale banken en de valutamarkt. 

Dilemma centrale banken en de valutamarkt.  Wat is de invloed van centrale banken op de valutamarkten bij de inflatie- en bankenproblemen. Ontdek de impact op de valutakoersen, met speciale aandacht voor EUR/USD en EUR/GBP. Inflatie …

Inflatie, rente, EUR/USD en afdekken valutarisico met ValutaPartners

Inflatie, rente, EUR/USD en afdekken valutarisico met ValutaPartners Ontdek hoe renteontwikkeling de EUR/USD wisselkoers beïnvloedt en hoe bedrijven hun valutarisico kunnen afdekken met termijntransacties. Lees hier hoe u beter kunt omgaan met de volatiliteit van …

FED bestrijdt inflatie ondanks bankencrisis

FED bestrijdt inflatie ondanks bankencrisis De Federal Reserve (Fed) heeft woensdag aangekondigd de strijd tegen hoge inflatie voort te zetten door de rente met een kwart punt te verhogen. Dit ondanks de zorgen dat een …

EUR/USD: verwachtingen analisten – wk 12

EUR/USD: verwachtingen analisten – wk 12 In dit artikel zullen wij de fundamentele analyse van EUR/USD bespreken op basis van wat analisten zeggen. De impact van stijgende rentetarieven op banken en economieën Analisten suggereren dat …

Verwacht Volatiliteit op de Valutamarkt – wk 12

Verwacht Volatiliteit op de Valutamarkt – wk 12 De valutamarkt, met name het EUR/USD-paar, lijkt in de komende dagen veel volatiliteit te zien te krijgen. Hieronder bespreken we de belangrijkste oorzaken van deze onzekerheid en …

Hedging currency risk is vital for your business

Hedging currency risk is vital for your business. Is your business performance partly dependent on the development of exchange rates? If you conduct business outside of the eurozone, it is likely that you will encounter currency risk...

The impact of Credit Suisse on the banking sector and the economy

How do the recent developments surrounding Credit Suisse affect the banking sector and the economy? Read on to learn more about the potential consequences of rising interest rates, inflation, and a possible crisis in the banking sector.

Banking crisis looms: political and economic implications for the world.

Banking crisis looms: political and economic implications for the world. In recent days, financial markets have been rocked by the collapse of American banks and the instability of European banks...

ECB raises interest rates by 0.5% in an uncertain market

ECB raises interest rates by 0.5% in an uncertain market. As expected, the European Central Bank (ECB) has raised the deposit rate by 0.5% to 3%. This interest rate hike was announced six weeks ago. However, the ECB has...

ECB may postpone interest rate hike due to banking crisis.

ECB kan renteverhoging uitstellen door bankencrisis Op donderdag 16 maart komen Europese Centrale Bank beleidsmakers bijeen in een tijd van uitzonderlijke turbulentie in de financiële markten. De angst voor een nieuwe financiële crisis staat centraal …

Credit Suisse loses 30% of market value

Credit Suisse verliest 30% van beurswaarde De afgelopen weken zijn bijzonder tumultueus geweest voor de Zwitserse bank Credit Suisse. Het aandeel van de bank verloor op een gegeven moment tot wel 30% van zijn beurswaarde. …

EUR/USD & EUR/GBP – week 11

EUR/USD and EUR/GBP - Week 11 The economic outlook for Europe, the United States, and the United Kingdom has changed over the past few months. Inflation is now a risk, and central banks must consider the impact of rising prices on their respective currencies. The European Central Bank has recently raised interest rates to combat inflation, which has led to a stronger euro. Meanwhile, the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve have taken a more cautious approach, with interest rates remaining relatively low. The euro has been strengthening against the US dollar and the British pound due to the ECB's decision to raise interest rates. However, the pound has been volatile due to Brexit uncertainty and concerns over rising inflation. The US dollar has also been under pressure due to concerns about inflation and the possibility of rising interest rates. In the coming weeks, the focus will be on economic data releases and central bank meetings. Traders will be watching for any indications of future monetary policy changes that could impact the EUR/USD and EUR/GBP exchange rates.